• Seussical PosterMusic by: Stephen Flaherty
  • Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens
  • Book by: Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
  • Co-Concieved by: Eric Idle
  • Based on the Works of DR. SEUSS

November 2008

Lowther Pavilion, Lytham


  • The Cat in the Hat: Jamie Fisher
  • Horton the Elephant: Jack Frimston
  • Jojo: James Yates
  • Gertrude McFuzz: Katie Green
  • Mayzie LaBird: Caitlin McMillan
  • The Sour Kangaroo:  Rachel Strachan
  • General Genghis Khan Schmitz: Richie Withers
  • Mr. Mayor: Michael Nicholson
  • Mrs. Mayor: Sophie Walsh
  • The Grinch: Waleed Arshad
  • The Wickersham Brothers: Steven Clarkson, Jack Irving, Finlay McFarlane
  • The Bird Girls: Scarlett Lawrenson, Sarah Lenney, Rose Baulk

Jungle Animals, Who’s and Other Characters:

Charlotte Blackburn, Sophie Boan, Lydia Bourhill, Hannah Brayne, Ruth Busby, Sophie Cooper-Smith, Abbey Cowburn, Rachael Cowell, Beth Cronin, Kerhys Farley, Abby Hesketh, Natalie Horridge, Joanne Ker, Jenny Luke, Lydia Margison, Bethany Raynor, Lucy Salmon, Abigail Smart, Hannah Williams, Charlotte Williamson, Saffron Wilson, Danni Wrench, Charlotte Young,
James Brogden, Alexander Cooper, Michael Karling, Elliot Livesey, Ben Tansey, Alex Tipping, Sam Vernon, Joe Whittle, Tim Withers, Christopher Yates,

The Production Team:

  • Directed By: Lynda Clarkson
  • Choreographed By: Pat Sumner
  • Musical Direction: Adrian Richards
  • Designed By: Phil Sykes
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