Meet Me In St Louis Poster

  • Directed by: Lynda Clarkson
  • Choreographed by: Pat Sumner
  • Musical Director: Sean Ashmore
  • Vocal Coaching by: Michael Boe
  • Production Design by: Phil Sykes

November 2007,
Lowther Pavilion, Lytham


  • Mr. Alonso Smith: James Fisher
  • Mrs. Anna Smith: Claire Harbourne
  • Lon Smith: Philip Raymond
  • Meet Me in St LouisRose Smith: Rachel Dangerfield
  • Esther Smith: Jenny Strachan
  • Agnes Smith: Beth Cronin
  • Tootie Smith: Sophie Cooper-Smith
  • Grandpa Prophator: Craig Campbell
  • Katie – the Maid: Abby Hesketh
  • John Truitt: Lewis Raines
  • Warren Sheffield: Dominic Stirling
  • Lucille Ballard: Rosie Baulk
  • Eve: Rachel Strachan
  • Postman: Christopher Yates
  • Motorman: Elliot Livesey
  • Clinton Badger: Jack Irving
  • Peewee Drummond: Steven Clarkson
  • Sydney Purvis: Michael Karling

Chorus: Lauren Au, Sophie Boan, Lydia Bourhill, Hannah Brayne, Ruth Busby, Abby Cowburn, Rachel Cowell, Kerhys Farley, Katie Green, Natalie Horridge, Becky Hoyle, Joanne Ker, Sarah Lenney, Jenny Luke, Caitlin Meet Me in St LouisMcMillan,Bethany Raynor, Lucy Salmon, Laura Tipping, Sophie Walsh, Emily Wignall, Hannah Williams, Charlotte Young, James Brogden, Alexander Cooper, Michael Nicholson, Ben Tansey, Sam Vernon, Joe Whittle, Richie Withers, Tim, Withers, James Yates


“Meet Me in St. Louis” is a 1944 romantic musical from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which tells the story of four sisters living in St. Louis at the time of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World’s Fair in 1904.

Meet Me in St LouisDirected by Vincente Minnelli and starring Judy Garland and featuring such standards as “the Trolley Song” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

The film was finally brought to the Broadway stage in 1989, and had additional musical numbers written for the stage show…

LATA’S Production in November 2007 was a first in the North West, no other society had taken it on, as the show is quite demanding. Not only in the performers, songs and dances, but also in the technical requirements of the show…

Meet Me in St LouisThe show was very well received in the Fylde Coast, and had excellent reviews from the local press and NODA


This is a show I was seeing as a first, and being in the hands of this fabulously talented company of young performers, it came up as another triumph!!

There were many truly outstanding performances, most notably the Smith family, Alonso, the father (James Fisher), Anna, the mother (Claire Harbourne), son, Lon, (Philip Raymond), daughter Rose, (Rachel Dangerfield), daughter Esther, (Jenny Strachan), daughter Agnes, (Beth Cronin), and daughter, Tootie, (Sophie Cooper-Smith).

Meet Me in St LouisEsther’s solo “The Boy Next Door” was sung superbly, as was Mrs. Smith’s “You’ll Hear a Bell”.

All the principals performed their numbers supremely well. Esther, Rose and Katie the Maid (Abby Hesketh) with “A Touch of the Irish”, Lon, returning from Princeton, proceeded to show what the college kids were doing in “The Banjo” which turned into a full production number!!

The finale to Act 1 brought the well known “Trolley Song” with Full Company. A further highlight was Esther singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.
Other excellent roles were played by Lewis Raines Meet Me in St Louis(John Truitt), Dominic Stirling (Warren Sheffield), Rose Baulk (Lucille Ballard, Rachel Strachan (Eve) and Craig Campbell (Grandad Prophator)

As with any group that has age restrictions the members are constantly changing, and at the top end of the range, seniors, mainly principals, move on, but each year they always seem to discover brilliant fresh new talent.

One reason the group repeatedly produces such outstanding shows is that it is blessed with an absolutely brilliant director-producer. Step forward Lynda Clarkson, who is aided by Sean Ashmore as Musical Director (leading an excellent orchestra), plus Choreographer Pat Summer. It takes special people to bring some fifty children together to give a performance of this standard…

Meet Me in St LouisAlso, fundamental to the show was fabulous lighting and a practical set design both by Phil Sykes and lovely costumes supplied by Pendle Hippodrome.
The production sadly only ran for three nights, and due to my own circumstances it meant I had to attend the opening night. Not to worry, so accomplishedwas the performance you would think it was in the middle of a long run!

Congratulations to everyone involved: it all made for a most enjoyable theatrical experience!

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