• Oliver PosterDirected by: Lynda Clarkson
  • Choreographed by: Pat Sumner
  • Musical Director: Peter Weston
  • Production Design by: Phil Sykes

November 2005,
Lowther Pavilion, Lytham


  • Oliver Twist: Richie Withers
  • The Artful Dodger: Elliot Livesey
  • Mr. Bumble: Philip Raymond
  • Widow Corney: Lucie Sumner
  • Fagin: Dominic Stirling
  • Bill Sikes: Oliver Brown
  • Nancy: Caitlin McMillan
  • Bet: Sarah Lenney
  • Noah Claypole: Michael Karling
  • Mr Sowerberry: Michael Nicholson
  • Mrs. Sowerberry: Caroline Gaunt
  • Charlotte: Hannah Brayne
  • OliverMrs. Bedwin: Laura Brayne
  • Mr. Brownlow: Craig Campbell
  • Charlie Bates: Jack Irving
  • The Rose Seller: Lydia Bourhill
  • The Milkmaid: Jenny Luke
  • The Strawberry Seller: Rachael Cowell
  • The Knife Grinder: James Fisher
  • Dr. Grimwig: Lewis Raines
  • Old Sally & Old Lady: Charlotte Mathews, Abby Hesketh, Jenny Strachan, Rachel Dangerfield

Nicola Boan, Steven Clarkson, Sophie Cooper-Smith, Beth Cronin, Becky Hoyle, Bethany Raynor, Lucy Salmon, Rachel Strachan, Ben Tansey, OliverSam Vernon, Joe Whittle, Tim Withers, Lauren Au, Sophie Boan, Ruth Busby, Alexander Cooper, Sophie Cronin, , Sarah Dickie, Kerhys Farley, OliverLucy Hargreaves, Natalie Horridge, Erin Sweeney, Laura Tipping, Sophie Walsh, Emily Wignall


“Oliver!” is a British musical, with music and lyrics by Lionel Bart. It was made into a film directed by Carol Reed in 1968.

It first made its impression on London’s west end in 1960, and starred Ron Moody as Fagin – a role he would also play in the 1968 film!

The show has received numerous revivals over the years and still continues to be a crowd puller…

Oliver was a show LATA had always shied away from over the years, as it is quite predictable for a youth group to perform.

The committee finally felt it was time to give the show a chance, and Lynda Clarkson the director succeeded in bringing the darker side of the story to the front.

This made it a very different production to what people were expecting…


The annual production by this group of young people continues to maintain its very high standard despite its turnover of members. You need to be 10 years old to join and you have to leave at 18. Consequently, the turnover is considerable. As people are taking principal roles for the first time others are making their debut with the society. Despite this the productions continue to amaze!

All the leading characters performed really well; Artful Dodger (Elliott Livesey), Bumble (Philip Raymond), Fagin (Dominic Stirling), Widow Corney (Lucie Sumner) and Richie Withers in the title role. Particularly outstanding was Caitlin McMillan in the role of Nancy; her performance and rendition of “As Long As He Needs Me” will stay with me for a long time. 15 years old! How do they become so accomplished and mature?
She got good support from Bill Sykes (Oliver Brown) and Bet (Sarah Lenney).

The set was very practical and functional and the lighting added to the piece. Both were designed by Philip Sykes. The costumes were of the period. But the main players in this production were Pat Sumner (choreographer) and Peter Weston the musical director who had complete control of the orchestra and had the volume at a level where it accompanied and not overpowered the singing.

And finally we come to the director, Lynda Clarkson, who continues year in, year out to bring these productions to the level they have set and to maintain it.

A most rewarding and entertaining evening!

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