Pendragon Poster

  • Directed by: Lynda Clarkson
  • Choreographed by: Pat Sumner
  • Musical Director: Nic Parker
  • Production Design by: Phil Sykes

November 2002,
Lowther Pavilion, Lytham


  • Uther Pendragon: Jamie Sumner
  • Ygraine: Sarah Keith
  • Young Morgan: Rachel Dangerfield
  • Morgan le Fay: Katie Bamber
  • The Merlin: Michael Holdsworth
  • Pagan Priest: Jonathan Bamber
  • Nurse: Anne Etherington
  • Ulfius: William Booth
  • Mother Superior: Joanna Piancastelli
  • Sister Blanche: Lisa Kerr
  • Sister Angelica: Hannah Shelstone
  • Sister Martha: Helen Rouse
  • Sister Sophia: Stephanie Darkins
  • Young Guinevere: Becky Hoyle
  • Young Elaine: Sophie Cronin
  • Rebecca: Emily Wignall
  • Clare: Tessa Perryman
  • Rosemary: Lizzie Leman
  • Young Arthur: Dominic Stirling
  • Young Kay: Richard Walsh
  • Arthur Pendragon: James Dangerfield
  • Sir Kay: Jonathan Bamber
  • King Pellinore: Alex Dangerfield
  • Young Kelemon: Rheagan Hendry
  • Kelemon: Rosanna Greer
  • Tom: Jonathan Bamber
  • Ben: Sam Auty
  • Daniel: Jonathan Cooper
  • King Leodegraunce: Jamie Bamber
  • Lady Philippa: Laura Brayne
  • Lady Angharad: Sarah Adjetey
  • Lady Alice: Claire Cooper
  • Lady Eleanor: Sophie Evans
  • Lady of the Lake: Lucie Sumner
  • Sir Gaynor George: Charles Mallinson
  • Sir Malagaunce: Oliver Ashworth
  • King Lot of Orkney: Jamie Sumner
  • Margause: Jennifer Alston
  • Gawaine: Philip Raymond
  • Sir Lancelot: Steven Watkin
  • Luke: Richard Walsh


“Pendragon” has Music by Peter Allwood: Book and Lyrics by Peter Allwood, Joanna Horton, Jeremy James Taylor and Frank Whatley…

King Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere, Merlin, Morgan le Fay and the Knights of the Round Table – the famous legend was made into a stage show especially for the National Youth Music Theatre!

It is a thrilling exploration of the darker depths of Arthurian legend, the smash hit of the 1994 Edinburgh Festival Fringe has now been staged in London and New York. Comedy, poetry, puppetry, magic, mime and an uplifting musical score make Pendragon a spectacular theatrical experience

LATA chose this show, due to the amazing range of skills that would need to be learnt to perform this show, including, puppetry, magic and mime! Even though the story is a darker version of the legend, and mostly sung through, it was nice to do something in Contrast to the cheery Barnum and romantic West Side Story!

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