• Dracula Spectacular PosterDirected by: Lynda Clarkson
  • Choreographed by: Pat Sumner
  • Musical Director: Nic Parker

November 1999,
Lowther Pavilion, Lytham


  • Count Dracula: Micahel Stacey
  • Nadia Naïve: Laura Darkins
  • Dr. Nick: Alistair Cope
  • Father O’Stake: Owen Herbert
  • Herr Hans: Alex Dangerfield
  • Frau Gretel: Jessica Betts
  • BatsGeghis: James Dangerfield
  • The Wraith: Vicky Evans
  • Julie: Caroline Hall
  • Kelly: Rosanna Greer
  • Elvis: Jamie Bamber
  • Luke: Robert Ward
  • Marvin: Shaun Couchman
  • Landau: Rebecca Turner
  • Airline Pilot: Chris Campbell
  • Co Pilot: Jonathan Bamber
  • Cod: James Warburton
  • Looby: Nicola Cox
  • Scrub: Michael Evans
  • Scratch: Oliver Ashworth
  • Riff: Sarah Ruffley
  • Raff: Hazel Tyler
  • Bogie: Anna Spooner
  • Boots: Katie Bamber
  • Dregs: Jonathan Bamber
  • Booze: Chris Campbell

Elizabeth Broughton, Jennifer Cottam, Chloe Dixon, Sophie Evans, Richard Finley, Michael Jackson, Leanne Stansfield, Lucie Sumner, Charlotte Walsh


TeethAgain, “Dracula Spectacular” had Book & lyrics by John Gardiner and Music by Andrew Parr.

In this bubbling modern extravaganza for the young, the immaculate Miss Nadia and her three pupils are swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings with the irrepressible Count and his gruesome acolytes.

Both “Dazzle” and “Dracula Spectacular”, though not big named shows, were great shows to give the performers an idea of the different sort of shows available as it is nice to do something smaller than the usual “blockbusters”!


Stand up and take another call everyone involved in this production – especially the people on stage!

This group is for 10 – 18 years and it appears that they are getting a good grounding.

Wherever you looked there were some lovely performance but mainly from the two leads, Nadia Naive (Laura Darkins) and Dr. Nick (Alistair Cope). Their duet for the finale was quite exquisite.

They were well supported by the remainder of the company most notably Count Dracula (Michael Stacy), Father O’Stake (Owen Herbert), Herr Hans (Alex Dangerfield), Frau Gretel (Jessica Betts) and Genghis (James Dangerfield). What a nice individual interpretation James put into the character.

But a special mention should be given to Chris Campbell for the two small, scene-stealing, cameo roles. First he played the pilot of the ‘plane taking Nadia and her class to Transylvannia and second as Booze, one of the glublick addicts. He proceeded to relate an occurrence to Her Hans by way of a “Give Us A Clue” type mime – but this mime was done on speed – and which was really funny.

The scenery and costumes, along with the choreography, all made the show an excellent effort. Congratulations as well to Lynda Clarkson who directed

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